Sunday, April 06, 2014

Efflorescence Lady

Hello, Universe!
Its been waaaay waaay too long since my last post. And now I'm here, as an efflorescence lady who tell a Midnight fairy tale story about my kind of oh-so-hopeless romantic Anniversary Dinner to the green freshly-cut grass, hopping bunny, windy weather, and sparkling constellations. (Set yourself ready or close the tab, because this caused you feel "Oohh" and "Awww" or there, you feel a little cheesy :p)

Hey Deyi, this post I dedicated to you :)

One year ago, on April 6th 2013, this man officially dated me. 
I believe April 6th is amazing day in my life, like theres a lightning bolt in the outer spaces or a brand new beautiful constellation just being founded. I never stop feeling the rush of my Dopamine in this date, or else he just never let himself stop made me feel this way :)

Oh I almost forgot, so haaaaaaaave you met Derry? >.<

Oh heey, turns out, there's my Prince Charming waiting for me 

From April 6th I'm being convinced that this man is waaay to awesome! I can't just describe the way he made me feel, But all along, I feel like he just always try to bring out the best of me without changing the way I am. I have an analogy about my relationship, this is my take notes from the famous love story by Nicolas Sparks, The Notebook:

She would tell him what she wanted in her life--her hopes and dreams for the future--and he would listen intently and then promise to make it all come true. And the way he said it made her believe him, and she knew how much he meant to her.” 
― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

One years is not a short time, you know. But its not a long time too for us. We didn't feel like we've enough with our time together or feeling tiresome. Sometimes I just feel like when we through every day, we became so close and even one, or in mean time, reflected each other. But I just didn't want to forget how incredible the feeling that we've started before. I still want we embraced the little thing called love and appreciate every moment together. 

Well that was an intermezzo. My point is that this day perfectly became a day. He brought me to the place where he was setting this place a fairy tale likely and I very much much love it! I love it! The roses, the view, the candle light, the dining was amazing infinity and beyond. 

How came a girl not loving this?

"...So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.” 
― F. Scott FitzgeraldThe Great Gatsby

This place ambience was incredibly perfect. My mood always lighten up and a light talk sprinkle our night dine. There are a chandelier in the room I supposed, but I'm too busy blushingly my cheek to take some photos of the room. Even they served us very well. 
And those red roses, I can't even tell. I love flowers too much, I love roses. And candle light just made it even perfect.
Tell him what, this is an amazing present a Lady could ever ask for. I mean, some people might being denial, calling this a cliche, cheesy, well haters gonna hate. But if I were them, I will seek this kind of love on my own, everybody deserve a love happiness. Because from what I learn, every single person born to have an unconditionally love to somebody, to their best half. 

We suited formally, but still, we surround by our goofy jokes.

And for the best records, we had our own Anniversary presents from this place, an Anniversary cake. I can't even… >.<

I'm so blessed and I'm being grateful to have you, mine!
Thank you so much for the very wonderful Anniversary Dinner, couldn't ask for more, you're the best! Once again, Happy Anniversary my only one love, I love you to the Tattooine, to the Asgard and back! Looking forward our infinity and beyond 

Picture of 12 AM on April 6th 2014. Our simple kind of Anniversary celebration.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014: New Start

Happy New Year!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


you know what?
I'm in my desk in the office yawning over and over again on my laptop and I can't effinly resist not to sleep.
I cherish the weather today. its unstromy rain, with fluffy clouds above the ground, and its cold.
of course first in the day I woke up and eat before dawn and same as another day passed by, I do the early morning prayer.
I showered myself and dressed up like totally a little kiddo who's about to go to the school that located far in the green sloping mountain.
and I drove myself to work and its already started to busy at 6.00 am on the road outside.
my office is quite a distant from my house to called home. but in this internship period I'm staying at the home stay that don't need so much effort to push up the pedal and rushing the hour.
and it's not (really) traffic (yet), which is good one for me because at least I'm not stuck on the mad emotional conditioning while waiting for even just move a couple step by my feet.
I'm arrived early and then I sit and started to rearrange my internship report for my college task.
and now 11:06 am, which is still can be call (morning) and I'm now started thinking about Mr Christian Grey and his abundantly rich with the possessive traits that could match a seductive category on a gentle man.
I can't stop looking at my clock. It's ticking so slow until I could just close my eyes on a seconds then sleep or even dreaming.
after this day at the office pass, my self promise myself to counting on the day to looking out Friday where finally I can slap my mind to relax and spend a quality time on my way.
this time I felt like a whiny cry baby who can't stop commenting on a slightest things that crossed my mind.

indeed, this could be my daily routine until the next two months.
uh, my life is boring? I know right. so I must say...
Welcome to my world!

- The Boring Elusive Geeks Came From The Outer Space

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I'm so in and out tired of this whoooooleeeeee daily routines.
I am like... why traffic jams are everywhere? for effin' sakes :'
with my my now, I am an intern student at the prestigious oil company here, and what I did its not far from my study, I'm on Human Resource Department where maybe some people could pop up a question and I'm happily answering 'well its some kind of a job where I could intentionally drop off your salary if you mess with me, you guys'
oh well haha no, its so mean. Human Resource is there in almost every company and generally we work to maintaining the performance of the workers and also recruit a future-leaders-of-the-world's seed that could bring the company a profit, not a loss.

now what I want to share is that.. I'm very happily ever after working on this experience, I'm on it.
but somehow I really was so surprised because there.. I feel like I am so little?
funny but seriously, I felt that I still a daddy's little princess. can you imagine that?
yes, this is one of my passion, and I love it! I love to working on it for its development, and being anything that I know I could do.

but the dream I dreams remain the same
where there I just want to sit, in the land full of green grass and beautiful flowers where I can just lay down and watching the milky way in the sky.

I happened to know that in the early until the mid of the adulthood, people tend to reduce their daydreaming because most likely its not happened easily when the thing is that is just not happen yet.
I'm feeling like a hypocrite because I am myself somehow no longer believe it...
but what could save you for the longest time of waiting is just your faith in your heart.
most people could just give a damn of this words or even thinking that is way too lame, but it just their defense because they are too afraid to put at least a little of another effort for their dreams to come true.
I tell you a secret, where this just between us... (be ready)
      the only one that could lead you to your childhood dreams is just this.. incredible person that actually also 'live', also have a role in the part of that dreams.
try to think about him/her. how he/she looks like maybe? or how you paint the character inside your dreams? I bet no matter how bad or how bitch you were in this life, you, inside your heart will always demand someone's with a good heart, based on the needs of your self.
and then... try to find him/her. try to find your life partner, seriously with no kidding.
you don't wasted your time don't you? because I supposed the one who spend the time to read my post is the one who needs something to fulfill their life. so go on.
give them chance to make your dreams come true, because yes, I admit it, no matter how he/she is a rockin'/psychedelic/nerds/superhot/superfreak in your way of design their character, they have something in common in their roles, 'Your Dream Executor'.
and I thank God I found mine, and the precious feeling he gave and will always keep give to me is something uncommon or typical, it's amazing, just like what I've dreamin' of :)

        saying that this just something that just happen in the fairy tale. welcome to the real world of failure, dude. you just keep being denial all over your lives.

- D